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Veritas is a place for a postmodern generation to seek truth. This emerging faith community in the art district of Lancaster (Pa.) gives “space and time for sojourners to come and safely explore what it means to follow Jesus.”

As urban missionaries, Veritas engages with people, no matter where they are in the faith journey, in order to authentically connect with them. Veritas aspires to bless the world, grow deeper in Jesus, and share life together.

Bless. On First Fridays (a community event in Lancaster) Veritas displays an art gallery for emerging artists. On Third Fridays the same space becomes a venue for up and coming musicians. Throughout the year, Veritas spends time serving the community in partnership with various non-profits.

Grow Deeper. On Sundays, Veritas gathers for worship. This includes time for musical worship, prayer, a message, and interactive conversation about the message. During the week the faith community comes together in small groups and also accountability clusters of 2-3 people.

Share Life. During the summer Veritas gathers every Sunday night at a local park for a music concert series. Folks hang out, eat, listen to the performer, and build relationships. Most times, Veritas shares life over a cup of coffee, a dinner table, a movie, or just by being together.

With intentionality and creativity, Veritas is taking risks to reach a millennial generation missing from many churches. As Veritas endeavors to live and share the Truth, young adults are choosing to follow Jesus (Jn. 8:31-32).

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