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hope for churches in stress


Rooting for the Underdog 

Rooting for the Underdog is a collection of essays written by Warren Hoffman over his years of supporting "underdog" churches: that is, faltering, under-resourced, out-of-the-way, or simply ordinary churches. In Rooting for the Underdog, Warren brings God’s message of hope and encouragement, along with practical advice gleaned from his over 45 years of ministry experience, to those working in and with those underdog churches.

The book is organized around three essentials of life and ministry--heart, head, and hands. In each section there is a sampling of insights, each capsulized in a single page. At a particular time (as noted by the date), the Spirit stirred a deeper understanding, directly or my someone's story. Each essay is intended as a "starter" word--a prompt to stimulate your own reflection and response in the unexpected and difficult seasons of your life and ministry.  

Even in a beleaguered, disadvantaged, underdog church--with all the attendant liabilities--God is more than able to change people, create opportunities, and make the unthinkable possible.


We can be demoralized by setbacks and adversity. Or we can rejoice in hardships that force us to strengthen our heart, recalibrate our mind, and set our hands to do God's work. 

Rooting for the Underdog is available through Amazon as a paperback or Kindle book.

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