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hope for churches in stress



In a blog and book, Barnabas Initiatives shares insights and stories. By seminars, the ministry offers perspectives and strategies that can revitalize churches. In consultationsBarnabas Initiatives comes alongside churches to encourage and equip.  



Warren Hoffman is the founder and executive director of  Barnabas Initiatives. Through the interrelated initiatives of this ministry, he endeavors to assist and encourage churches in stress, recalling the biblical insight, "when one suffers, all suffer together." 


As a registered non-profit ministry, Barnabas Initiatives is governed by a Board of Directors. Five persons serve on the board: Ling Dinse, Ryan Frey, Hank Johnson, Drew Strayer, and Mark Witman. All are devoted Christ-followers. All are active in their local churches and also in wider service. 



Barnabas Initiatives relies on volunteers and donors as partners in revitalizing initiatives. With earnest prayer, modest expenditures, and by the grace God gives, this ministry depends on God’s promise: “And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus.” 

mission and model


Barnabas Initiatives has a mission focus on churches in times of stress. Our ministry model aims to offer specific services in a way that is accessible and affordable for churches in a difficult season. A concise summery of our mission and model is gives an overview of this ministry.  

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