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Miami Research Project

In what can only be described as a sovereign move of God, a single Brethren in Christ (BIC) church planting in Kendall, Florida has proliferated over a 30 year timespan into a vibrant church planting (and adopting) movement of 110 churches, 50 located in south Florida and another 60 in Latin America.


There are few written reports. This unfolding story exists primarily as oral history, retained only in the memories of first-hand participants. To share this remarkable testimony, the BIC Historical Society endorsed a project to tell the story of the BIC in south Florida. The project is administered by Barnabas Initiatives.


As funds are available, an initial research phase will involve face-to-face interviews with key participants in the story. Some interviews will be conducted by email, phone, and Skype. Each interview will be recorded and transcribed in both Spanish and English.


The successful completion of the research phase, along with additional funding, can open the way for a second phrase of the project, which includes sifting through the research and then structuring, writing, editing, and revising a manuscript for a book.


A third and final phase could encompass translation, design,

and publication of a book, available in English and Spanish.

The full project, in all three phases, could span one to

three years, depending on the availability of funding.  


To keep costs as low as possible, volunteers will be needed.

Some of the ways people can participate include:


  • transcription (digital MP3 recordings to hard copy)

  • translation (English to Spanish, Spanish to English)

  • hospitality for interviewers (over a weekend)

  • photos (key people and sites)

  • tour guides (for interviewers unfamiliar with Miami)

  • contributors (willing to donate to the project)           


If you can help in any of these ways, please inform Magbys Hernandez, administrative assistant to Bishop Aner Morejon, by phone or email, or contact Warren Hoffman, executive director of Barnabas Initiatives.


Even with the help of many volunteers, the magnitude of the project will involve significant funding. You can contribute to the cost with a tax-deductible financial gift in several ways. 


  • Contributions can be sent to the office of the Bishop Aner Morejon, designated for “BIC Story in South Florida,” at PO Box 4723, Hialeah, FL 33014. These funds will be forwarded to Barnabas Initiatives.

  • Contributions can be sent directly to Barnabas Initiatives, designated for “Miami Research Project,” at this address: Barnabas Initiatives, 419 Hilltop Circle, Elizabethtown, PA 17022. Donations can also be made electronically at the Barnabas Initiatives website.

Thank you for considering participation as a volunteer or donor in this project to research and potentially write and publish the dynamic story of the BIC church-planting movement in South Florida and Latin America.

Barnabas Initiatives is a tax exempt 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Donors are invited to contribute. Client churches are asked to reimburse expenses, but are not assessed a fee for service. Instead, as they are able, churches are asked to consider a per diem or customized contribution. 

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