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In this digital age, people tend to check a church's website before attending. Once in the church, attenders want to stay connected through a website.

With a website you open an online door to prospective attenders. You can provide timely information and useful resources for members.

Even resource-challenged churches can build a website. and similar website builders offer a free, do-it-yourself approach to constructing a site; and the subsequent cost of purchasing a domain and publishing the site is modest.

Happily, using these website builders is manageable even for folks who are not tech-savvy. There are scores of templates from which to choose, so the heavy-duty work is already done. Instructions for customizing are fairly intuitive. Training videos are included.

To start, select a simple and appealing template. Be sure the design also serves mobile users. Build a home page with prospective attenders in mind, answering questions they may have about location, service times, and contact information.

Add pages to describe your mission and values, worship services, ministries (especially for children), and staff. Enhance pages with images, your own photos or images available from the internet.

Once up and running, be sure to keep the site current. Deploy someone who will conscientiously update the site with current information and new elements.

Yes, you can build and maintain a simple and attractive website as a tool to strength your church. It is as easy, so to speak, as ABC (and with some persistence) D.


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