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Witness in the Workplace

How can we share the good news about Jesus in our workplace?

First of all, we listen. We are attentive to words. We pay attention to mood, appearance, and actions. We look for cues that indicate joy, hope, anxiety, fear, or anger. We prompt people to tell their stories. In whatever ways we can, we get to know people.

We are actively helpful. In our work we strive for excellence, knowing that good work is a testimony of God’s grace. Over and above this, we endeavor to help customers and coworkers with “extra” measures of helpfulness, serving them in every way possible.

At times, we bear with people. Whether with annoying quirks, demeaning criticism, or hurtful impositions, our character will be tested in the workplace. When we respond with patience and forbearance, our witness becomes believable.

By these practices, we open the way to share the word of God. We may offer a word of comfort. We may encourage a good endeavor. We may affirm things that are good and true. We may share some of our own story. Over time, we share the story of Jesus.

When we engage people in these ways, we scatter the seed of the gospel (Mk. 4:3-8,14). The seed will be watered by other Christ-followers (1 Cor. 3:6). And God will make the seed of our witness in good soil germinate, grow, and produce fruit that leads to eternal life.

That is the joy of sharing good news at work.

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