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Word Bites

Ron Bowell grew up on a wheat farm. As a young adult, he played in rock bands at local clubs—and developed an alcohol addition. Then Jesus broke into Ron’s life. He became a pastor and, after 14 years, started CrossRoads Church in Salina (Ks.), locally known as the "Rock & Roll Rehab Church."

Ron writes a daily internet (and print) devotional called Friar Tuck’s Word of the Day—a name drawn from the backstory of his profoundly changed life. Here is a typical "word" from Friar Tuck:

The little town of Bethlehem produced two great kings, the great King David, and Jesus Christ, the King of kings and Son of God. Who is this God who boldly announces the birthplace of the Messiah centuries before it happens? Who is this God who commands His Son to be born in a stable instead of a palace? Who is this God who choses an off the main highway, obscure little village for the birth of His Son? This is a God like no other. He is the God who transforms small insignificant places into places of great significance. He is the God who makes small insignificant sinners into great saints and servants of God. He is the God who transforms lowly cattle stalls, smelling of manure, into holy places where the King of kings is born. And he lives to do the same in your life today. Come to Bethlehem and see!

If you are looking for forceful, practical, biblical encouragement to stir up strength and stamina for each new day, these devotional "word bites" are for you.

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