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Busy, But Not Hurried

Jesus was busy. But not like we’re busy. Jesus has been on the move since, well, forever. Hanging out with the Father and Spirit. Creation. Conception. Birth. Learning carpentry. The Cross. Holding the universe together. Listening to our prayers.

We’re busy. Very busy. Work. Play. Shopping. Eating. Vacations. Football games. T.V. Overtime. Church. Community service. Whew!

A while back I began to read the gospels with hopes of learning how Jesus managed to be God and man, attend to the universe and always be “present” as he walked from town to town administrating his Kingdom. Jesus managed busy because he knew what he was about (mission). Further, Jesus did not hurry. My friends—hurry, not simply being busy—is what takes the joy out of life and leaves us panting in distress.

Jesus respected his mission, redeeming his sin-damaged Creation, rescuing lost men and women, boys and girls (John 3:17 NIV).

Jesus enjoyed life. Jesus fully embraced each moment. I imagine he stopped to smell the flowers.

Jesus maintained a steady pace on his way to Jerusalem and the Cross. But he did not hurry. He had time to heal a woman with a hemorrhage, mourn with grieving friends, take naps, enjoy long chats with his Father, feed the thousands, and so many more things that seem to be distractions from “must go to Jerusalem” (Matthew 16:21).

For our busy lives, we need to identify our purpose, our mission. This will free us to say “no” to invites that do not serve our mission. This impacts pace and enjoyment. We might realize a healthier pace and enjoy more moments.

Busy is not inherently bad or wrong. The issue is why we are busy. Seeking a sense of worth? Avoiding what we do not want to face?

How rushed are you? Are you panting at the end of the day? Do you find it hard to stop and enjoy life, people, small treats? Do you dread tomorrow because you know it will be more of today? If so, you might want to rethink the pace you have chosen for your life.

Jesus was busy, never hurried. Read the gospels. Jesus was busy. But I cannot find a verse, not even those recording his last days on earth, that even hints that he was hurried. Go ahead; choose to follow his example. Be busy, not hurried.

Les Cool is the lead pastor of Grace Evangelical Congregational Church in Akron (Pa.) and the Kingdom Extension Associate of the Evangelical Congregational Church. This is the first of two posts by Les Cool. To go to the first post, click on "White Space."

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